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November 25, 2012
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Duality OCT - Alari by Kirrw Duality OCT - Alari by Kirrw
:bulletblack: Alari ???
:bulletpurple: 28
:bulletblack: Female.
:bulletpurple: 5'5
:bulletblack: Alari was born a servant to a wealthy noble family in country outside of Unovia. Her parents were released from their dept when she was 4, and due to their worry for being unable to provide a decent home and good food, they left her to their care. Their visits gradually lessened over time, but today they are well and raising a new family, to which Alari has taken little interest to but has no grudge against.

Her masters were good to her, and Alari was good to them. A naturally high-spirited girl, she worked herself ragged doing chores and helping around the house, even the title 'a job for men' didn't scare her off, she'd do it if she could and would only insist if denied. She befriended the nephew of the maste and they became quite close. He gave Alari her first pokemon, a Zorua whom was a gift from the boy’s father. "You will probably have more use of him than I." was the only concrete reason given.

They have been inseparable since.
Alari was granted her freedom at the age of 10 and left the mansion at 13 craving for adventure. From that point on, she lived her life how she wanted to and did whatever she wished, finding herself entering the lifestyle of mercenary, assassin, and thief, a trouble maker of the law and an unnamed enemy of many. There was thrill and challenge, and there was good money in the business if handled right. She's been everywhere, travelling frequently, for 13 years, but she had not been unscathed by the nature of her occupation. She bears many scars of past failures and near-death situations, having experienced being hunted, ambushed, betrayed and used in the past. She never ever tells anyone about her past for a a few good reasons. She doesn't like to darken the mood or for someone who was an indirect victim to remember and hate her for it.

:bulletpurple: (Bullet form, may be converted to paragraph form)
:bulletpurple:Adventurous & Rebellious: Always looking for challenge or thrill, explore and learn new things, live life to the fullest. Orders and rules are some of the many things she doesn't take seriously, ignoring them, bending them, or even blatantly breaking them whenever she feels like it, usually testing the patience of authorities of the area whom have yet to earn her respect. Completely unafraid to pick a fight with anyone, and only really listens to the advice given to her by her pokemon, Vin.
:bulletpurple:Blunt/Brash/Up front and Impulsive: When she has something to say, she says it. Most of the time not much thought is put into these actions. She doesn't seem to understand the phrase "Look before you Leap" very well, and her impulsive actions are the main cause of her problems and mistakes.
:bulletpurple:Reliable: Despite what she thinks of other people, she's a rather reliable person herself, when she agrees to do something for you. Alari tries to keep to her word as closely as possible.
:bulletpurple:Stubborn: It's difficult to change the mind of this hard-headed woman once she sets her mind to it. And no matter how hard you knock her down, she always finds a reason to get back up.
:bulletpurple:Good Judge of Character.: If she feels you're not someone to trust, she won't trust you (
:bulletpurple:Troll: She teases and trolls anybody a good majority of the time, it's almost second nature to her.
:bulletpurple:A Good Friend to Have/Sociable: Not the type of person who thinks about solely herself. While she does prioritize her and her pokemon's safety, she'll go out of her way to help someone in trouble, no matter who they are. Alari isn't afraid to walk up to someone and try to strike a conversation with them and make friends, or just offer some support and reassuring advice if she feels they need it.
:bulletpurple:Vengeful: Strong beleiver in Karma. If you do good, she'll treat you well with friendship and respecting attitude. But if you do bad, especially toward her or her pokemon, she will stop at nothing to get you back. She will bear a grudge well into any situation, especially when you're in need of help. But these grudges only stay if you don't confront her and apologize for what you did, and depending on the severity, most of the time she will forgive you.

:bulletblack: Ferocious Eater. She could eat the meal of three full grown men, and she doesn't seem to gain any weight from it at all. She also isn't afraid to eat anything you dare her too, from butterflies to slugs to even flowers, and with a stomach of steel, it never seems to bother her very much. (She probably burns it off, since she's very physically active.)
:bulletblack: She actually has a pretty small bust, but I seem to keep failing at making it appear that way
:bulletblack: Not the type of person to take advantage of the weak, innocent, naive, defenseless, or struggling people on free will. But on a job, she will knock anyone who stands in her way down.

.:Sketches:. 01 (Full Size Profile picture), 02 (Vin full body/Detail), Age Meme, Sketch Gifts 01
.:Comics:. The Test:01, 02 (WIP)

:bulletpurple: {...} - Vin - Zoroark
- Has been partners with Alari since she was 11.
- A personality that's the complete opposite of Alaris; Silent, reservative, and very serious. No matter the situation this trainer's loyal companion never seems to loose his nerve, and he perfers to keep to himself.
- While he's a little less talkative than Alari and a little more intimidating, it's not impossible to talk to him.
- Communicates through telepathy.
- Vin isn't afraid to completely disobey Alari's with good reason and acts on his own a lot.
- Considers his trainer's safety quite often, but knows how capable Alari is of handling herself.
- Loathes the use of pokeballs with a passion.

:bulletblack: Parsley -Murkrow
- Achieved during Alari's stay in Unova.
- Trained rigorously and dislikes it, complaining often.
- Has a tendency to be overly cocky and boyish. He thinks he's all that.
- Thinks about number one.
- Compulsive liar, especially when he wants to impress a pokemon, gesticulating often his 'adventures'.

:bulletpurple: Carmen - Frillish
- Achieved during Alari's stay in Unova.
- More recently caught prior to Alari's joining of the thieve's guild, and has little self-confidence.
- Timid and uncertain about his attacks and actions. Polite and very shy.
- Extremely hard to coax her into trusting you enough just to talk to you.
- Alari is still struggling to coax this pokemon into doing what she tells the pokemon to do and gain it's trust.

Guess what! I'm joining another OCT, pffff.
Hahah, mostly because of how promising this one looks. But I'm not sure at how well I'll do since it's about pokemon. *scratches chin* This is still a work in progress, so I'll update this later with more information. :> Enjoy the artwork for now though.
Edit:// I need to upload this before I go crazy about this ref, pff. Also, should I join the band wagon and make a tumblr ask page for her?
Edit:/// FINISHED (And now finished with pokemon info.)
Edit://// Switching to NPC because I'm not sure if I'd be able to stick through even through the first round, but I am still going to make a comic out of it pft.
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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